Over the last 20+ years that Paul and I have been in the Auto Industry, I have seen him Manage sales forces in dealerships both small and large, operations that were progressive, and some not. Paul has remained consistent throughout… always the leader, always the encouraging one always focused on sales and committed to a high level of both client and employee satisfaction. Paul is a truly committed Auto Industry Professional and has a tremendous drive and an ability to re-create himself through many types of people. Those people if they catch the vision, have the drive and a commitment to their future can realize a rewarding career in the industry if they just follow Paul’s lead. “I have known Paul for 20 + years. His strength in one word…  Leadership.” Rudy Engstrom, Fleet Manager, Professional AutoBroker 25 Year Auto Industry Manager

Kirt Gill new

I hired Paul Iacobazzi back in 1988 as a Sales rep.  He quickly became one of our top producers and broke a record for 23 cars sold in only his 6th month.  He went on to become a very successful Manager and we have always been in touch with one another.  We recently hired one of his recruits and is now our top performer consistently month after month.  Paul has a car sales training course in Vancouver and we support it. He is the ultimate person for mentoring as he has 25 years of experience plus the passion to take people to another level. Kirt Gill  General Manager  Open Road Group

Selling cars is a very tough thing to do at the beginning as it is a process-driven industry with a tremendous amount of information one must learn to be successful.  The Auto Trainer program simplifies it for the new hires and we can see the difference as they seem to have a 6-month head starts in comparison to other new hires. Paul has produced not all some of our top performers but also had groomed for us Michael Tran who has now been promoted to Asst Manager after only 2 years from taking the training.  Plain and simple…his program works!

 We just hired Richard Carey,  one of The Auto Trainer recruits, for our dealership.  Richard showed great potential from the get go and seemed to grasp the concepts very quickly. In only his second month he was our top salesman for volume.  Thank you Paul for the support”   Brad Hansen Open Road Mazda Port Moody


As a Sales Manager, I find the services he provides not only immensely beneficial but also saves me an incredible amount of time and effort with the hiring and basic training process. I recommend Paul’s program without any hesitation and will continue to make use of his services when needed. He recently hired 2 candidates who rose to the top very quickly.  One of them sold 16 cars in her first month!!!  His training methods will give the new staff a “kick start” they need.  Gary Harpestad, Director of Finance Barnes Wheaton

‘We have now hired 7 of the candidates from the Auto Trainer program and we are very pleased with the results.  I have also participated in the Pauls’ program and was impressed with its format and professionalism.  We will continue to work with The Auto Trainer to enhance our sales floor and support this unique program.”

Jimmy Pelk  Sales Manager  Jim Pattison Surrey Chrysler

” The Murray Group has been utilizing The Auto Trainer graduates for over 2 years now and we are impressed with the results.    Trust Paul as he will work hand in hand with the Managers to help not only select them but give ongoing mentoring and guidance.”  Paul is very professional in his approach and is in it for the long haul.      Darren Bosch  Murray Honda General Manager

” The Destination Group has now hired over 25 candidates from the Auto Trainer program. Many of which have been top producers for our store.  If you are considering a sales career than I highly recommend his program to get the foundational selling techniques you need to get a “kick start” in this business.  His 27 years of auto industry experience will teach you the basics and also get your “foot in the door”.  Brett Widsten  Destination Mazda Sales Manager 

“I recommend Pauls’ students to anyone looking to find good candidates in the auto industry. I have utilized  The Auto Trainer Program for 3 years and I support his training and placement.”Farrukh Navqi General Manager   Jim Pattison Surrey VW

“Pauls program is the “go-to ” program when we want new recruits. For the month of May our dealership sold 106 cars and 45 of those cars sold were sold by 3 of Pauls recruits.  We welcome his candidates anytime as he has  produced some top performers.”   Management Team   Destination Mazda

‘We utilized Paul’s skills and expertise for a consulting program for 3 months.  He gave us some great ideas about how to build a better customer base and retain the existing customers we have. I strongly recommend Paul for any new recruits coming into our business.  His material is top-notch. Frank Affettuso  Dealer Principal CEO  Southside Nissan  (over 40 years in business) (Left to right: Marco Ianuzzi BC Lions, Paul Iacobazzi The Auto Trainer, Jerry Scarfo Sales Manager, Frank Affettuso South Side Nissan

The Auto Trainer is the perfect solution to getting good salespeople for the sales floor.  Paul has produced nothing but winners for our store and we will continue to develop our staff through his exceptional training program.  Pauls program is all about being “proactive” than “reactive”   His candidates are top-notch and we will continue to turn to Paul for his hiring techniques.Tom Pasemko  Murray Abbotsford Kia  General Manager

Paul came to me about 2 years ago with a unique and refreshing concept to help the auto industry get better people,  He has found a niche in our market and has created a training program to not only screen and recruit but to train as well.  His effective back to basics training works!  When I was at Destination Group we hired over 30 of Pauls’ candidates and just recently hired all 8 of his latest groups.  Some of them have become our top producers.   Jeff Polo General Manager Marine Drive Chrysler

‘I have hired several of the Auto Trainer recruits and strongly feel that this program should be an absolute must for all new hires to start in the auto industry. I am impressed that the recruits show a commitment of a 20-hour training session to learn from a true pro like Paul. Trevor Scheidl  General Sales Manager Clarkdale VW

” I took Pauls Program 2 years ago and truly understood how important the process he taught us as it made me feel I was coming out of the starting gate not only quicker but with more confidence. Within 3 months I was a top producer and remained at the top for sales on a steady basis.  I have recently been promoted to management and ironically enough now hiring his candidates from the program that I was hired from!  Thanks, Paul for all your mentorship!Michael Tran Destination Honda


Paul is very experienced with the standard sales process. He is always patient with student’s questions.  The role-playing in his classrooms is the most practical part that helps to deal with real-life situations. Willa Hong, Life Insurance Specialist at Crius Financial Corporation

Paul Iacobazzi has not only hired several new people for us but he has also spent time improving our existing staff with creative new ideas on phone calls and lease seminars.  His style is motivating and inspiring to all sales staff.  If you need to give your team a refresher then I assure you  Pauls’ Auto Trainer methods will be effective in re-motivating them and keeping them focused!  He is a Pro! Fahim Gadallah Dealer Principal CEO

Dario Longo

 I have known Paul Iacobazzi as a successful Sales Manager and have always admired his reputation in this business.His program The Auto trainer is refreshing, insightful and educational.  I participate in his class as Paul and I both share the wonderful passion of selling in the auto industry.  This program will give recruits a huge kick start to forming a good foundation for developing sales tools. I strongly recommend it”Dario Longo, Top Toyota Salesman in B.C.Grand Master Sales Winner, Destination Toyota

joe cook

Paul has proven over the years to be an invaluable trainer and facilitator. Having cultivated years of automotive experience his easy and no-nonsense approach to training has produced some of the best salespeople in our region. Joe Cook, Senior Business Manager, Destination Group

Cedric gagne

We have utilized The Auto Trainer for our dealership and am very pleased with the outcome thus far. Paul is very passionate about his training and is truly a great mentor and coach. Car sales have unlimited potential and certainly, Mr Iacobazzi’s program is a must to establish a foundation for life.  He has produced our top salesman of the year and needless to say we are thrilled. Cedric Gagne, General Manager, Murray Hyundai White Rock Dealer Principal Murray Kia

Ian N

Paul has worked in the automotive industry for a number of years now and knows how to sell cars. He has worked in sales, sales management and loves to teach others. If you are looking for someone to teach you the ropes and help you succeed in the car business, Paul is a great person to work with. Ian Nethercott, Auto Industry Leader, Digital Results Analyst

Paul Iacobazzi has given me a kick start in this business and I enjoyed his training methods. I firmly believe that his course is a must to get your foundation in place for a career in the car business. Chris Lippelt,  Auto Service Manager, Carter Honda

I have known Paul Iacobazzi since 1988 as we were both sales professionals for the same company.  Paul was always enthusiastic and came to work with a winning attitude. Later on, in our careers, we were reconnected together again but this time as Managers for the Pattison Group.   I have now hired many of Pauls’ candidates and I truly believe he has hit the mark with his foundational training.  The car business is challenging and Paul will give you the right combination to open that vault! Tom Richardson  General Manager  Murray Mazda

“Paul Iacobazzi has a unique and successful program to help people not only get trained but connected. I feel his candidates have a 6-month head start over most new hires”  Angelo Barigello. GSM  Dilawri Infiniti

Paul has introduced to us several top sellers in our industry including our sales manager.  His common sense skills along with his 30-year experiences make him a true leader, coach and mentor for the auto industry.  Anyone that we hire we automatically sent to Paul for training purposes.Neale Harris Langley Gold Key VW.

“I have sat in on Pauls’ program on several occasions and have always been impressed with his passion for the auto industry.  His simple straight forward approach to Mastering the sales cycle is a much needed breath of fresh air for both dealers and the new recruits.  He has provided me with several top selling performers and I truly appreciate it.”  Ariel Bantog  Sales Manager Carter Honda

I worked with Paul Iacobazzi  as he was part of our management team in 1999 to 2001 at Open Road Honda.  Paul broke all records for top gross and volume at our dealership with monthly profits that won him several awards.  We encourage all dealerships to support this exciting program that will continue to grow and develop our sales staff.   Ian Quinn General Manager Open Road Honda