The Auto Trainer Lifeskills & Mentorship Program

Have you hit a career wall and making less money than you deserve?

Are you frustrated that you have a degree and working at Starbucks or Earls?

Let the Auto Trainer give you the guidance you deserve!

You Can EARN a Six-Figure


No Higher Education, no Problem

A common misconception is that you need higher education to make money. That is not true. Car sales is a career path that will allow you to make money right away, without having to pay the big bills of a college education

No Selling Skills?

You don’t have to be able to sell something useless to people who don’t want it, to be good at selling. In fact, the most valuable quality of a good salesperson is listening. I’ll show you how valuable an asset being able to listen can be.

Stuck at a DEADEND Job?

You love learning new things and you know you’re ready for the next challenge, but your current job is not providing you with what you are looking for. Welcome to car sales. The challenges will exhilarate you and the leadership opportunities are within your reach. This course will prepare you for a new and exciting chapter in your life

Lack of Experience?

You have never sold anything before. In fact, you don’t have much job experience at all. Not only will this training prove to employers that you’re serious about creating a career for yourself, but it will give you the necessary skills to do well from the first day on the job


We are excited to announce our new Mentorship Program

Let the Auto Trainer give you the guidance you deserve:

Its time to turn the page. We have candidates making well over $100,000 with no post secondary education.

Book a time today with the Career Coach, Mentor and expert in his field to get YOU on the right track to SUCCESS.

18 months ago I was working as a labourer at a metal fabrication plant. Now, I enjoy going to work everyday, and in my first year I made just under $100,000 .

Curtis Kmyta, 2020. Top Sales Fraser Valley Toyota

The Auto Trainer
will teach you how to train you to be a true sales professional.




A workshop to get you into a CAREER not just a job!

You’ll be experiencing engaging online learning as you learn to become a sales professional.

FIVE days of training modules

Exercises and Quizzes to ensure information retention

Give you one-to-one mentorship.

Regular Zoom meetings for continuous support.

Utlilize Paul’s 35+ years of connections to get you hired.

Teach you not to just be good, but be excellent.

Imagine your name on this certificate!!


Client Photo
Shabnam Shokri

It was an exceptional experience for me, going through car sales step by step with an specific and practical detailed. Thank you Paul, for sharing your valuable experience and knowledge with us. I learned incredible points through this learning course.

Client Photo
Jalal Tehrani

Videos were straight forward, everything was clear and instructive. Thank you!



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