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Paolo 2Paul Iacobazzi has had a long and successful sales career in sales and customer service.  After attaining his Bachelor of Arts degree from SFU, he opened up his own fitness franchise, Body Fit Studio, and successfully led this business for 5 years back in 1982.  He then transitioned his career into auto sales in 1988. Throughout his 25 years, he attained huge success and was recognized with several Top Sales awards.   Including Master Sales and Grand Master Sales Awards with sales exceeding 150 per annum.

He also has won several Top Sales Manager awards.

Summit Series Award Winner for Western Canada 5 times

Customer Satisfaction Winner

He was presented as the Top Manager of the Year award with the Open Road Group in 2000 with an impressive 28% increase in sales and volume from the previous year. For this outstanding achievement, he was honoured with a Rolex Watch from the President and CEO Christian Chia.

DETOUR TO SUCCESS                                

Paul Iacobazzi B.A.

A  25 year auto industry professional in sales and management. A distinguished member of the New Car Dealers Association.  A Guest Coach and Trainer at Douglas College.

Here are a few of Paul Iacobazzis’ Achievements

Top gun Award winner                                  Burrard Acura         1988 to 1993

4 X Master Award Sales Winner B.C          Regency Toyota       1994 to 1996

Sales manager of the year Award                Open Road Honda    1996 to 2000

5 X Summit Series Manager Award            Vancouver Honda    2001 to 2013

As Founder and CEO Of the Auto Trainer his goals are to help others achieve his success.

Detour to Success Sales Seminar:

Entitled “Detour to Success” the program was designed for individuals who have little or no sales experience who want to pursue the auto industry as a career opportunity.  The program ensures that all individuals learn the fundamental aspects of the selling cycle with also an opportunity to get positions as sales professionals.

Here is a short video to get an understanding:

As a sales manager for over 20 years Paul always focused on building a strong team spirit with his sales team and working with them to support them in their quest for success.

As “The Auto Trainer”, Paul’s looking for an opportunity to mentor others who are passionate about a career in sales. He has developed a comprehensive manual and training program to pass on practical tips and techniques to position recruits for success in sales. His program, Detour to Success, is a 5 day workshop which will provide new comers with the fundamentals for a successful career in car sales.  His goal is to arrange job interviews and placement for his new recruits through his numerous managerial connections in the car sales industry.

The Auto Trainer is now being recognized as a professional opportunity for Dealerships to hire well trained candidates.  Now over 120 people have been through this program with an impressive 88% success rate for placement.  Paul has built a tremendous network with over 3300  connections on Linkedin.  He has published over 17 posts for the internet and has received attention globally for his inspiring and motivating posts. People with little or no sales experience can get “their foot in the door” though Pauls’ 25 years of networking connections.

The Auto Trainer has now developed over 40  top producers in the auto industry though his foundational selling techniques. Its all about connections and Mr. Iacobazzi has developed a huge portfolio of auto industry professionals as part of his circle.  Over 45 Dealerships are now supporting this program with expansions out to Vancouver Island and Alberta.

“Paul has developed a top notch program to help people find good opportunities for a career. We have now hired 25 of his recruits and recommend his program.  John Giuliano Vice President CFO . Destination Auto Group

“Paul hired me when he was a Manager at Vancouver Honda  and I  had absolutely no previous sales experience. Paul trained , coached and mentored me.   I  strongly recommend being coached by Mr. Iacobazzi.  He is very passionate about the auto industry and will guide you to success.”     Wilson Ng  Aston Martin

Aston Martin Wilson 3

Aston Martin 1


I'm glad I met youPaul Iacobazzi , I'm glad I took the Auto trainer Program 🙂 .It's been a very exciting journey and I'm thankful that you encouraged me to get into this field. For more info, check out

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