Placed Candidates

Meet some of our outstanding candidates.  All of whom  have never sold cars before!!!      Until they met The Auto Trainer


Sales Person of the Year    Frank Fang             Frank and Paul

Special Congratulations to Frank Fang of Open Road Mazda for selling an outstanding  169 cars in his first full year in the auto business.  Frank has never sold anything before until he took the Auto Trainer program in 2014.  He is proof in the pudding that if he can do it…anyone can do it!  Frank contributes his success to constantly referring back to the manual taught to him by Paul Iacobazzi.  Frank has now been promoted to selling Lexus with Pauls’  boss Kirt Gill!



Top Gun 2

Roman Iacobazzi
Destination Mazda

Congrats to Roman for being the top performer for May at Destination Mazda in only his 4th month in the auto industry.  Roman sold 3 cars in one day on two separate occassions and topped all performers with 14 cars sold.   He hit several bonus levels including a fast start and made over $5000. He  is off to a good start for Jan of 2017 with an amazing 15 cars sold to be the top gun award again for the month!!  Over $8,000 made in January….impressive.




Here is Roman with another MONSTER Month in May of 2017 with an amazing total of 22 cars month sold.   How does a high school graduate make over $10,000 in one month?  The auto industry gives you an opportunity to make “unlimited earnings” Needless to say I am most proud of my sons accomplishments thus far.  I guess the “apple does not fall far from the tree ” after all.








Adrian Tsang
Destination Mazda

Adrian did not have a customer service nor a  sales background but always wanted to sell cars. He took The Auto Trainer program in July.

After a successful interview he was hired immediately.  In his first full month in July, Adrian sold cars at a blistering pace and made it right to the top with a very impressive 16 cars sold.  He credits The Auto Trainer for teaching the essentials of building rapport and establishing relationships with customers.  More good news!  After a year of being top producer at Destination Mazda Adrian is now selling cars at Richmond BMW  Auto West .  In his first month in January 2017 he sold and delivered 15 cars!!  Great Job Adrian!!



adrian tsang





Hatef Emmam  Morrey Infiniti

How can a 20 year old  get hired at an Infiniti store without any previous experience in selling cars?  The answer is simple…The Auto Trainer delivers.  Thanks to our connections we can get your foot in the door for life.  Special thanks to Winston Lien at Morrey for supporting our program! Hatef was top producer for 2 months in a row in only his second and third month!

More good news!!  Hatef, after selling Infiniti for 8 months and being a top producer has now been promoted to Capilano Audi where he continues to shine!



Tanvir Ashan   Surrey Honda Tanvir

“I was driving a shuttle bus when I met Paul who  literally changed my life in 20 hours.  He trained and placed me all in 10 days.  In only my second month I was top sales with 16 cars sold.  I owe all my success to my Guru  Paul Iacobazzi.




Alex Huang Brian Jessel BMW

      One of his first students from a few years ago. After taking Paul’s Course, prepare for a change! Prepare to be the best of the best in the Automotive industry! Paul is one of the best coach / mentors out there today in the Automotive sector, hands down.

Alex HUnag






A Big Congratulations to Peter Vetra for his outstanding performance of 18 units sold at Murray White Rock Hyundai last month. Peter took the Auto Trainer program about a year ago and became a top producer after only 3 short months in the business.  Peter continues to be the top producer month after month!

Peter Vetra  Murray Hyundai





Megan Lai Open Road Honda

Paul sure put a lot of thought into planning this course out. During my course week, I got to meet the top salesman of Toyota B.C. and previous students who graduated from the field sharing their current work experiences. Paul not only teaches you, but he will help you with your resume and connect you with a suitable dealership. I was so surprised that I was hired in my first interview! All thanks to Paul! I know this sounds too good to be true, but it is true! I hope that this will encourage a lot of you out there to do this.

megan and pak





Luke  Michel   Destination Hyundai

“I come from a hospitality background and was always overworked and underpaid.  I met Paul through a craigslist ad and was impressed by his professionalism. He taught me how to slow down the process and “actively listen” to the customers needs.


Loic 4







Chris Maders   Murray Kia

Chris was hired at Kia last year and was burnt out as a heavy duty mechanic.  He soon transitioned  his new career and got off to a flying start with 15 cars sold in only his second month. He sticks with the process and understands what it takes to be successful!   He has been a consistent producer from the get go!!CHRIS





 Carol Tran

Carol Tran    Destination Hyundai

I took Paul’s course a couple months ago, and it was one of the best decisions that I’ve made. I enjoyed the course, meeting my classmates and hearing their stories of why they’re joining the industry, and Paul was super helpful. I love what I’m doing now and it wouldn’t have been possible without Paul! Thank you Paul! 🙂  



Todd was a fisherman for over 20 years who decides to make a career change. Friends and family think he is nuts to consider the auto industry. He ignores them all and tries it and fails. One day he reads my ad on Craigslist and understands that he needs coaching and training. He takes my course and gets hired. Three weeks later he is on his way to an exciting new career in the auto industry averaging 11 cars a month.

Todd Flewelling  Whie Rock Honda



Mimi Vu 1


Mimi Vu Carter Honda


“Paul has inspired me to continuously get out of my comfort zone and build my confidence. I believed that I can achieve anything I want if I stay focused and worked hard for it. Paul arranged an interview, and I was hired the same day. I’m excited to keep on growing and elevating in this business.  I am now a consistent performer and sold 18 cars and delivered 13 in May 2016.  I love my new career”


Hatef Emam  Morrey Infiniti DSC_0034

How can a 20 year old  get hired at an Infiniti store without any previous experience in selling cars?  The answer is simple…The Auto Trainer delivers.  Thanks to our connections we can get your foot in the door for life.  Special thanks to Winston Lien at Morrey for supporting our program! Hatef was top producer for 2 months in a row in only his second and third month!






Jurgen Hettinga  Destination Toyota

“Congratulations on the 2 year anniversary of The Auto Trainer! Thanks to your training, I tied for 2nd most cars sold in January and have 3 out in the 1st week of February already! Thank  you for all your help and I wish you even more success in 2015!”






andy szeto

Andy Szeto   Brian Jessel   Bmw

One day you can be working as a Graphic Artist making under $20.00 an hour . Then another day you can take a course from a Mentor who can guide coach and place you for success at the Auto Trainer. Who knows…maybe 2 years later you could be selling BMW’s at Brian Jessel and making a lot more than a typically hour wage. This is the story of young Andy Szeto.  The Auto Trainer delivers.






Ryan K


Ryan Killen   Destination Honda

“I have an extensive background in the hospitality business and spent 4 years with the Fairmount Hotel Chains.  I also worked in Dubai for a year when I was 19 to gain some insights into diverse cultural background.  The Auto Trainer is a unique model that Mr. Iacobazzi has created to develop people and nurture their selling skills. His seminars are  professional and very refreshing.  Stick with his teaching methods and I assure you that you will be  on the road to success. “

Ryan is now in Real Estate and is extremely successful!







Jerry Chen   Company of CarsJerry Chen

Jerry took part in the very first Auto Trainer program back in 2013. He has been very successful selling luxury preowned cars at Company of Cars.  He is consistently a top producer and sticks to the sales process taught by the training.







Vick Brar

Vick Brar Surrey Chrysler

” Luck hit me one day when I saw an ad for car sales.  I left a voice mail and to my surprise Paul called me back immediately and explained the program to me.  I took the course and was ecstatic that I got hired on my first interview.  I was a cab driver for 15 years and   Yes…with no experience in sales Paul can show you the ropes and connect you!!”



adrian mcihaelsAdrian Michaels  North Shore Acura

“I spent years as a Jazz musician and was selling pianos.   I needed a mentor and guide to support me.  Paul is a respected  leader in the auto industry and will give you ongoing guidance to success.”


Lucy Gan

Lucy Gan   North Van Infiniti 

Lucy has a background in selling counter tops and reached a stage in her new life where did not feel challenged anymore.  She lives in West Van and wanted to sell vehicles at a location close to home as she has 2 young children.  The Auto Trainer arranged an interview on her behalf and Lucy was officially hired after her second interview!







Richard Carey 1

Richard Carey  Open Road Mazda

In only his second month after taking the Auto Trainer program Richard was given the Top Gun award for most sales in May. His positive attitude and willingness to actively listen to customers are his trademarks.     If Richard can do it..  you can do it!





joe ong

Joe Ong Morrey Nissan

Joe has an extensive background in sales and marketing with telus.    He took the Auto Trainer program to learn more about the auto industry and to develop himself for growth and opportunity. Joe sold a very impressive 10 carts in his first full month and off to a great start in Sept.   Joe has great rapport skills and has a drive and ambition that will take him to number 1 in sales very soon!



Moe nazim (2)  Moe Nazim   Dueck Gm

Moe took the Auto Trainer program in 2014 and is having great success in the car business.  He works hard at following up with customers and uploading all photos for the Craigslist ads on a daily basis.  His perseverance  and positive winning attitude all have a huge part of his success story thus far.  In May of 2015 he was awarded as the top producer for Duecks on Terminal.






Selvida Selvida Sampson  King George Nissan

“I took The Auto Trainer program in 2013 and am truly enjoying my new career in car sales all thanks to Paul.  He trained, coached and mentored me to success.  Through my hard work and staying focused I have been a consistent performer at King George Nissan.  I believe what I gained from the course was simple….connect with people and get then to like and trust you and you will be successful”

Michael TranMichael Tran  Destination Honda

“l was involved in cell phone sales and after a few years  felt frustrated with the lack of growth and opportunity. Once I met Paul and embraced his concepts and selling techniques I knew that there would be some exciting times ahead in my career.  The Auto Trainer truly builds your confidence and encourages you to hone your sales skill sets.  We all need a mentor and I am very lucky to have met Mr. Iacobazzi.   In my first month I sold 12 units and now I am on my way to a very successful career!”


Chris brooks2

Chris Brooks  Jonker Honda

“Mr. Paul Iacobazzi is one of a kind. His passion to help others achieve their dreams and goals is inspiring. I attended Paul’s Detour to Success program and it has empowered me to reach new heights and gave me the tools I needed to enter the car sales industry.  Paul is a professional in his arena and I am very thankful for his ongoing mentorship.”












gary Chen

Gary Chen Freeway Mazda 

Gary recently graduated from Simon Fraser and was frustrated with the lack of good job opportunities., He was recommended the Auto Trainer course by a previous student.   We are happy to announce that Gary sold  7 cars in his first month and has been the top producer winning top sales awards 3 months in a row!  Great job Gary!

 Ccurtis macdonaldurtis Macdonald

Abbotsford Kia now at Open Road BMW

“I called Paul after seeing his ad on Craigslist. I was working at Starbucks at the time. After meeting with Paul I was impressed with his vision. He coached ,mentored and placed me at Abbotsford Kia after one interview. Last month I was top salesman with eleven units sold in only my second month.  Its hard to believe that it happened so fast but it did.  All Thanks to the Auto Trainer.”  Recently I got hired at Langley BMW and on my way to a great career.


Kong Vu

Kong Vu

Clarkdale Volkswagen Vancouver

Kong was debating about taking a real estate course until he met Paul Iacobazzi. With his wonderful coaching style and unique training he elevated Kong to a new level. Paul arranged an interview, 20 minutes later Kong was on his way to a new career.  If you believe you can achieve!   Kong has been the top salesman on many occasions and continues to grow and elevate himself.  He has recommended many people for this program.  Kong is consistently selling an average of 12 to 16 cars per month!




Sunny Parmar  Open Road Lexus

Sunny comes from the printing business and spend many years selling business to business . Sunny was recommended The Auto Trainer program through Pauls connections on Linkedin.  We are proud to announce that in January of 2017 Sunny sold 10 cars to be the top producer of the month.  He truly has found another level to his sales skills and truly understands what it takes to be a winner.  Sunny believes in “paying it forward”  and is a frequent guest at the sessions  to help others with tips and techniques. In his famous words  “If you want to get into the car business JUST CALL PAUL”


Sunny P

 Matthew Wadea    Duecks on Marine

I am sending you this email to thank you for encouraging me to get in the Auto industry I really appreciate the doors you opened for me throw your training. Now I am one of the top sales every month and in the last 5 months in DUECK GM I sold almost 60 vehicles, that vote me to get the top sales Bronze Award for 2016 putting my goal for 2017 to reach the Gold Award. Attach a photo for the event we had last week.



This is how you spell SUCCESS

    All 3 of these Gents took The Auto Course in January and all were hired with a 10 day period of the program conclusion..  Congrats to Kesh Kourash , Mostafa Zamiri  and Paul Shah for a great job well done and being passionate about this opportunity!!