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Paul Iacobazzi is a visionary and saw a need 5 years ago to create a program to help people get a “kick start” in their career in the auto industry.  Now in its 5th full year we are proud to share over 80 google reviews with a truly outstanding rating of all 5.0 stars.    To access simple go to google and click in  The Auto Trainer . The reviews are on the right hand side!

Here are a few we would like to share:

Taking the Auto Trainer course with Paul has definitely been a life changing experience for me. In 4 short days I have not only learned so much about the auto sales industry and how to be a great sales professional, but I’ve also gained an incredible amount of confidence. Paul has not only been the best teacher, but also the best mentor I could have ever asked for. He believed in me right from the start and I can not thank him enough. I would definitely recommend this course to anyone that is interested in entering the auto sales industry or even anyone who is looking for a change in career path! I had absolutely no sales experience prior to taking the course, but now, I am proud to say that I know what career path I am pursuing! I have my first interview on Thursday with the dealership of my dreams and couldn’t be more excited!

Sandra Bell
2 months ago I was looking for a career change, and thanks to Paul, I will begin an exciting new one in the Auto Sales Industry. I came across Paul’s ad and called him for more information. Right away, Paul’s professionalism and sincerity came through and I knew I had found the right person to help me decide if auto sales would be right for me. With Paul’s easy going personality, there was never any pressure, just an abundance of high quality sales talent and insider information all taught in a fun and interactive way. Are you a woman who’s a little hesitant but considering auto sales? Make the call

It’s not too often you find yourself leaving a dealership 100% satisfied with the vehicle you just purchased as well as the customer service. Paul Iacobazzi not only teaches you how to get on a personal level with your customers, but to figure out what their wants and needs are to get them in a vehicle best suited for them. Paul teaches you a process, and a bulletproof one at that. Take his course and i promise you, it will change your entire outlook on sales. If theres two things i can say i took from this course they would be: 1. Earn the right to ask for the sale and 2. A customer will won’t remember everything you said but theyll never forget how you made them feel. Take his course and start your career, it’s a game changer!

Laeloni Kronebusch                                                                                                                       
Paul is very professional, he is compassionate, and very passionate about what he does. He has really given me the foundation that i need to start my career in the auto sales industry. I truly believe that this course should be mandatory when entering the auto sales industry. Thank you Paul you have been a wonderful mentor 🙂
★  Johnny Denny                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              
 Paul is a professional genius! In only a short 5 days I have learned the skills I need to being a professional salesman. His friendly and approachable attitude really gives you a boost of confidence and his professionalism along with his 25+ years of experience really draws you in and anxious to know more. He is a very good teacher and mentor, breaks everything down to detail. best training I ever did! I finished Paul’s course on Friday. I start my new career Monday! Paul is not just your mentor for the 5 days, but for the rest of your career! Thank you so much Paul.
★    Joseph Ayemi
 Paul’s training can be summed up with these words; Practical, Accurate, Useful and Lively! (P-A-U-L) He teaches a step-by-step approach from how to welcome a customer to how to close the sale in a very seamless, smooth, flawless and gentle but very effective method. I can’t wait to receive the benefits of this fantastic training. I recommend The Auto Trainer to anyone who wants to pursue a successful and rewarding career in auto business. Paul deserves more than 5 stars!!!
★   Kirt Gill                                                                                                                           
 When I am looking for a new Salesperson, my first call is to Paul the Auto Trainer. Paul only accepts students whom he feels are likely to succeed, so his candidates are always pre-screened. Not only does Paul provide great training he matches his candidates to the stores , where he feels they have the chance to succeed. Selling cars can be much more than a job, it can be a great career. Paul enables his students to get a fast start to a long and successful career.

Please watch this short video about The Auto Trainer program.  No sales experience?  No Problem!!!    We will train, coach and mentor you to success all taught by a Master Trainer.

A   5  day  program to elevate people to success and place them for a career opportunity in the auto industry.

-Foundational Selling

-Mastering the sales cycle

-How to build rapport and build value

-Interview and needs analysis   How to actively listen

-Coaching and Mentoring to success

-How to be a leader and build confidence

-How to build a business within a business

-Benefits of Leasing

-Phone Seminars  How to sell the appointment

-How to build a customer for life portfolio

Once the course is complete the exciting part of the program really begins.  Paul will then transition your learning and revise your cover letter, revise your resume and YES  he will arrange all interviews on your behalf.  Once the interviews are arranged Paul takes it….. one step further.   Paul will them meet with all candidates before their interviews and do a thorough “one on one” private consultation with them.  With his 20 years of Management experience its important to follow his direction and guidelines on how to conduct yourself  professionally.

The Auto Trainer will focus on:

Top 10 tips for being successful in an interview

Checklists to insure you make a great first impression

How to dress for success and prepare yourself

Using non verbal communication to impress

How to overcome anxiety and nerves and to stay calm during the interview

How to use your “tools” learned in the training to leverage your opportunity

The Auto Trainer is now batting an amazing 90% success rate with all candidates thus far. 

Along with Alex was another success story at Southside Nissan with the very first training program back  in 2013.  Jerry Chen was part of that too and has now been a very successful sales professional with the  elite preowned car dealership Company of Cars.  Jerry credits the program for giving him confidence and the ability to learn the “right way” of asking for the sale.  Congrats Jerry on your fantastic success.

Jerry Chen

 SRINIVAS Varanasi

There is no shadow of doubt in my mind in recommending Paul ‘s training. You are going to be 6 months ahead in the auto sales career. His experience, knowledge and his great personality makes him a great mentor. This is one of a kind training in the auto sales career. Take advantage of this genius.  Sirin Varanas

Hatef Emam  was a quiet and shy 20 year old who needed ongoing coaching and mentoring.  He went for an interview at Morrey Infiniti and was hired in only 20 minutes. He was interviewed by Jason Morrey , President and CEO, and nailed it.

Here he is talking about his success thus far!

During the course Paul Iacobazzi will invite several leaders and some of his top performers to give back to this wonderful business and help the new candidates with great tips about how to succeed. Part of the ongoing program is top Toyota Salesperson in B.C. with over 240 cars sold in 2014 Mr. Dario Longo.   Dario is an advocate for following the sales process and learning how to master the sales cycle.  Paul and Dario have known each other for over 16 years and share the same passion for this industry.

DSC_0027 (2)

Joshua Peters

“The automotive industry is expanding every year with great opportunities to grow and develop.  We are excited about The Auto Trainer program and we look forward to a continued relationship with Mr. Iacobazzi to help people get in this business as well as help the Dealerships hire trained individuals.”  Joshua Peters  New Car Dealers Association  Dealer Relations

“A big thank you Paul Iacobazzi for showing me that a lot of women do well in this field and at the end of the day, it’s about taking leadership, being genuine to the customer and helping them select the best car suitable to their needs. ”  Megan Lai   Open Road Honda
Paul and Duecks

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  Paul hired me as a Sales Consultant in June of 2010. As my sales Manager he trained and mentored me in the steps and use of the sales process, a professional approach for taking sales calls and making follow up calls and effective strategies for closing deals. I have taken and practiced his insights and in time made them my own. I’m considered one of the leaders at the busy dealership I currently work at. Paul is an excellent communicator and genuinely forthright person. I feel fortunate to have been trained by him at the beginning of my career. I believe it gave me a solid foundation to grow and prosper from.   Tim Kanik  Vancouver Honda Tim K

The Auto Trainer may be tailored towards the automotive industry, however Paul gives you the ability through his knowledge of sales to unlock your inner potential. I

was able to achieve things I didn’t think I was capable of. What are you waiting for? Thank you Paul!  

Ryan Killeen  Real Estate Agent  Formerly of Destination HondaRyan K


Anyone can step into a sales arena and sell a few things, it isn’t hard. What’s difficult is perfecting your passion for excellence in your sales or hospitality career. The Auto Trainers Detour to Success course led me on a path of excellence and it can do the same for you. “Success occurs when Opportunity meets Preparation.”- Zig Ziglar              Invest in your future so you are prepared for Success. Don’t just be good at selling, be Excellent!!   Chris Brooks  Business Owner  Formerly of Jonker Honda

Here are a few samplings of videos we are currently working on for our online program.  Sit back and learn from a 30 year auto industry leader ….

Common sense skill sets that will take you to the next level.