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I’ve written several posts for Linkedin on varying topics.  Check out a few below to gain more knowledge about the car industry and my insights about sales.


Victory At Last!

Like Father Like Son

Be Interested…Not Interesting

I Can Do It! You Can Do It! 

Loic 4

The customer is not looking for a car, they are looking for a salesperson and a positive sales experience.


The auto industry is a self-motivating business. Stay away from the people who may poison you with their negative thoughts.


This is in an industry of taking small steps of accomplishment one step at a time. You may start off selling Kia but if you are self-motivated and work hard you may end up selling one of these!  The sky is truly the limit.

Tom and Josie

                                                        Tom Richardson and Paul Iacobazzi sold cars together back in 1988.  He is now the General Manager at Murray Mazda.   Tom has supported The Auto Trainer program for 3 years now and has had a lot of success with our recruits.


mimi 3

                                     Price is the easy part. The hardest part is the car selection,  as there are so many different choices.

 Hatef Emmanbaksh   A top performer at Morrey Infiniti Burnaby



                                                              Earn the right to ask for the sale.              If you don’t ask for it, someone else will!


Kirt 3

I have been lucky in my career to be blessed with good support and great coaches.  Kirt Gill, General Manager at Open Road Lexus, was my first Mentor.

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