Job Opportunites

Our  primary focus is to train you with the necessary skill set to get  you placed for not just a job but a career in the car business.  We have now placed over 200 candidates through our program with an 88% success rate.

The Auto Trainer will teach you how to :

*Improve your confidence with one on one interactions

*Learn the art of persuasive selling techniques without being “pushy”

*Ask intelligent questions to gather the right information

* Use active listening skills to understand the customers needs

*Master the sales cycle by learning from an experienced Mentor and Coach!


The Auto Trainer Can Help

This program is not just a training program but more importantly a true career opportunity.  We leverage our 27 years of auto industry experience not just “get your foot in the door”but to be a successful sales professional for long term growth and development.

In addition we specialize in the following:

 Transforming your Resume                                                                                                        

Cover Letter Restructuring

Job Placement Strategy

Interview Arrangements

Pre Interview Coaching

Allow us to leverage our 25 years plus of experience and get you the results you deserve!

It’s about finding you the right FIT – and it’s what we do best.


"The Elevator to Success is no longer working We now have to take the stairs, one step at a time.
- Joe Girard"