Job Opportunites

Our  primary focus is to train you with the necessary skill set to get  you placed for a job in the car business.  We have now placed over 150 candidates through our program with an 85% success rate.  Most of our recruits have been hired on their first interview!!  Its not always “what you know” its “who you know”.   If you are serious about changing your career or starting a new one,  together we can get your opportunities moving in the right direction.   Through our extraordinary networking and 25 years of connections we guarantee an interview once the program is complete!!  The average projection for first year earnings range from $45,000 to $75,000. In our second full year we are proud to announce that The Auto Trainer has now hired 15 top producers for the lower mainland dealerships. One of our strongest candidates Peter Vetra is averaging 18 cars per month.  (see under Placed Candidates)paoloa

The Auto Trainer Can Help

Are you interested in a career path with unlimited earning potential?  This training and job placement program will take you to the next level.  No experience or  some experience . Not a problem.

We will give you step by step guidance and  get your “foot in the door”.


Transforming your Resume

Cover Letter Restructuring

Job Placement Strategy

Interview Arrangements

Pre Interview Coaching

It’s about finding you the right FIT – and it’s what we do best.


"The Elevator to Success is no longer working We now have to take the stairs, one step at a time.
- Joe Girard"